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Established in 1989, Sourabh Sales Corporation ranks amongst the leading manufactures and exporters of high performance precision automotive parts and precision automotive components. We offer a wide arragnge of products including fuel injection parts, cylinder liner, cylinder sleeve, cylinder block, bearing, piston and more. Backed by years of experience and expertise, we also provide jobwork for diesel engine spares.

Company Profile

Souarbh Sales Corporation is counted amongst the most reputed manufacturers and exporters of precision engineered auto parts and components in passenger and commercial vehicles segment. The product profile includes fuel injection parts, cylinder liner, cylinder sleeve, cylinder block, bearing, piston and more.

Since its inception in 1989, Souarbh Sales Corporation has achieved voluminous growth qualitatively and quantitatively and further strengthened its equity through aggressive marketing strategies. But at the same time, the company never rests on its past laurels and endeavors to exceed customers' expectation through pushing its limits beyond the normal.

At Souarbh Sales Corporation, the watchwords are - "Good Engineering" and "Zero-defect Products." The spirit of company's work culture is to outperform the best of the best to benchmark innovation and quality and to strive for customer delight rather than just satisfaction. This practice assists in making significant inroads into the global market.

To maintain the leadership position and remain in the state of customer obsession, Souarbh Sales Corporation invests heavily in technological advancement, human resource development and extensive R&D.


The product range includes vital auto components and parts, which caters to the requirements of after-market and OEM. The products are designed and developed to meet the various standards and specifications laid down for different regions/countries worldwide. The range provides ample flexibility for customers to choose from products as per their needs.

Above all, Souarbh Sales Corporation welcomes orders for new product development through R&D, reverse engineering or customization. In the entirety, it is aimed to supply import substitute products at lowest possible prices to fulfill the ever growing demands of automotive components in Indian and overseas market.


Souarbh Sales Corporation believes that organized production methodologies coupled with sophisticated technologies are the key to achieve and maintain the leadership position in industry. Hence, the company boasts world class manufacturing unit, which is situated at an industrial area of New Delhi. The manufacturing unit is equipped with latest technologies based machines like CNC machines, CAD/CAM facilities, 3D modeling, etc.

The blend of latest manufacturing techniques coupled with best IT technologies successfully cuts down the cost and downtime.

It also empowers for custom product development and best quality products. In addition, there are facilities pertaining to packing and labeling of products for exacting clients' requirements like bar coding, shipment tracking etc.


At Souarbh Sales Corporation, quality is never compromised under any circumstance - whether it is production deadline pressure or sudden increased in supply demand. Adopting streamlined production methods, excellent process control methodologies are subjected to various processes comprising in production and delivery along with stringent quality inspection. Various tests are conducted right from materials sourcing through to the assembly and testing of the finished component as per company's comprehensive quality manual procedure. Each product is tested for tolerances, stability, consistency, strength, accuracy, etc.

Work Force

Being a professionally managed organization, Souarbh Sales Corporation realizes that competitive advantage comes from the expertise of the human resources. Therefore, the company employs, nurtures and retains best talents of the industry. Further, cordial relation between the management and executives leverages the potential of employees in a best way.


Souarbh Sales Corporation is a value driven organization. Some of the business attributes that leads the organization strongly in global markets are:

Extensive, unmatched product supply options
Highest standards of quality, quite reflected from our market share
Latest manufacturing techniques coupled with best IT technologies
Confirmed & authentic offers
Best services for finalization of deals and claim settlement
Huge inventory for ready supply


Fuel Injection Parts

We offer quality fuel injector parts to enhance the operational efficiency of the internal combustion engine. Convenient to install, these parts can be easily cleaned and requires minimum maintenance. The fuel injection system atomizes the fuel by forcibly pumping it through a small nozzle under high pressure. Automobiles with fuel injection system have a smoother and dependable engine response during quick throttle transitions, easier and more dependable starting, better operation at extremely high or low ambient temperatures, increased maintenance intervals and increased fuel efficiency.

Our comprehensive range of fuel injector parts include fuel nozzles, elements, D.valves, nozzle testers etc. We also specialize in customizing fuel injection parts based on the drawings and specifications provided by OEMs.

Suitable for : Our range of injectors are suitable for all passenger vehicle, from 4-cylinder and 4-cylinder boosted engines to V-8 and 12-cylinder engines. The injectors can operate on any gasoline-alcohol fuel mixture. These fuel injectors find application in the following:

Automobile Engines
Marine Engine
Stationary Engines
Industrial Engines
Personal Watercraft and All-terrain Vehicles
Lawn Equipment
Power Generators

Piston & Connecting Rods

Our range of piston and connecting rods is designed to enhance the overall performance of the engine and fuel economy. The assembly of the piston and connecting rod is specially designed for ease of installation. Made from high quality of material, our range of piston & connecting rods can efficiently work under tremendous stress.

Our engine pistons are maufactured as per manufacturing standards which gives better compression to your engine. We supply high quality piston & piston rings to improve the efficiency of automobiles. We manufacture these pistons for following OEM's.

Mercedes Benz, Perkin, KHD (Deutz), Mazda, Toyota, Kirloskar, Mitsubishi, IsterPetter, Nissan.

Piston & connecting rods
Method : Aluminium Die Casting

Connecting Rods :
Method : Forging

Material Used :
Aluminium, Mile Steel (MS) & Steel

Engine Spare Parts

We offer precision engineered engine spare parts that can be easily installed and replaced. Made using best quality of raw materials, these parts provide a great performance even under the most challenging working conditions. All our engine spare parts are tested on a variety of parameters to ensure international standards of quality and performance.

Sscorp perfect combination for qualitative supply of goods with ensuring best quality, most competitive prices, quick response & everytime eagger to improve the quality of goods on every shipment which results in customer satisfaction. We can also supply Connecting Rods, Oil Pumps, Cy. Head Gaskets, Oil seal, fuel pipes, radiators, Clutch Plate Assy,Clutch Facing, Clutch Repair Kit, Clutch components Valve, Valve Guides, Valve Seats, Valve Tappets, Crankcase, Water Pump, Tramission Parts viz.Spur & helical gears, Bevel gears, steering Shaft, Brake Parts, Piston & Piston Rings, inlet/Exhaust valve , Valve Guide, valve Tappet, Steam seals, Springs, Bearings & Bushes, nults & Bolts, U Cross , Oil Cooler, Air Compressor, Raditor Fan, Shock Absorber, cabin Pump, cabin Cylinder, Runbber mounting & we also supply spare parts as per samples.

All our automotive engine spare parts are Suitalble for Automobile Engines, Marine Engines, Stationery Engines, Industrial Engines, generators, Heavy Earthmoving Equipments.

Cylinder Liner & Cylinder Sleeve

We provide best quality cylinder liners and sleeves manufactured by "Centrifugal Cast Process". Used in internal combustion engine, these components have a close grained structure that ensures efficient cooling and long life. Prior to the final packaging of sleeves/cylinders, we conduct rigorous tests for profiles, tensile strength and crack detection. Our range of cylinders liners and sleeves is available in variety of specifications based on the requirements of the clients.

Best Method:

Centrifugal cast Process(the molten metals poured into metal mould & die which is revolving at a high speed .the centrifugal force causes the metal to distribute itself evenly around the die.

Others Method: Centricast Liners & cromed bore liners for automobile appliactions.

Suitable For:

Daihatsu, Honda, Isuzu, Komatsu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota, Korean Models like Daewoo, Hyndai, Audi, Bedford, B.M.W,, Buick, Caterpiller, Daf, Deutz, Massey Ferguson Tractor, Fiat, Ford Tractor, Hatz, John Deere, Lada, Landrover, Lister, Lombardini, Mercedes Benz Car & Truck, Opel, Cummins, Perkins Tractor, Peugeot, Scania, Volvo, Yammar, Man Diesel.

Cylinder Block

Our range of cylinder blocks is the machined casting that comprises of cylindrically bored holes for the pistons of a multi-cylinder reciprocating internal combustion engine. These blocks are fitted by the means of special gaskets and provide the advantage of being easily replaced without the need to re-machine the entire casting. We also expertise in customization of cylinder blocks to meet the specific requirements of the clients.

Suitable For:

Air colled Cylinder blocks suitable for Lombardindi, Hatz, Deutz FL Series, Mini door, Lister ST/LR/TS/HR/SR/HA/LP/TR, Yamaha, Compressor range like ELGI, Mercedes Benz,Volkaswagen, Renult.


We offer high tolerance bearings that are ideal for supporting both axial and radial loads. These bearings are extensively used in automobile and other industries. All our bearings are tested on different geometrical parameters such as concentricity, parallelism and circular runout. The broad range of bearings includes single row and double row ball.

Classification of the Bearing

Material Used: SAE - 52100
Heat Treatment: Bearing races and rollers are hardened and tempered at 58 to 62 hrc.
Dimensions: It lives within standard dimensions & tolerances
Finishing: Bearing races and rollers are pressed through lapping process to achieve super micro finiishing.
Inspection: All the compoents & bearing assembly passed under hard inspection in our quality control department which gives assurance about & life of bearing.

Automotive Rubber Parts & Components

Our range of automotive rubber components is made from natural rubbers like SBR, Polychloroprene etc. These a automotive rubber parts consist of metal reinforcement for strength and support. Reinforcement can be made from SG iron, malleable casting, MS plates and others along with EN/high tensile bolts. We can manufacture automotive rubber parts and components as per the specifications and drawings provided by the clients.

We at Sscorp provides complete solutions for every conceivable App. Like Automotive, Industrial & Agriculture.

Sscorp manufactures & Exports a whole rangeof automotive gaskets for diese engine, agriculture diesel engines, Cylinder head gasket including asbestos steel composite Cylindre head gasket, gasket head kit,steel compositeCylinder head gasket, Graphite, Composite Cylinder head gasket & multi layered steel cylinder head gasket.

We provide custom packaging & ready to sell gasket in Private labelling too.

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