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Scorpio deserves to be in Global market like US

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Pros: Refined engine and excellent suspension

Cons: Slight vibration in gear lever

After 6000 KMS in my New Refresh Scorpio I can write a review for it. Five years back I had made an aim for myself that I will buy a Scorpio come what may. This year I bought one and I couldn’t have been happier.

Lets talk about the ’beast’ Mahindra scorpio a little.

The most impressive part of Scorpio is the engine. it is absolutely responsive. It seesm like it obeys me when I am driving. Though it is a diesel engine, there is no diesel clatter at all. It is very smooth and silent like a petrol engine. The cabin is well insulated.

Scorpio is the ideal "SUV’ because of its suspension. That is the key for any SUV. As far as Scorpio suspension is concerned, it just gobbles up ups and downs and large potholes on the road. There is no rattling of the internal parts. The steering is very convinent and the controls are very dynamic. It is surprisingly smooth for a vehicle of the size of Scorpio. It is surprisingly easy to drive in traffic even after being so huge.

Apart from that, the new bunmpers and the fog lights is very delighting as it adds to its macho character. The Nippon Music system is of average rating but not a bad accessory. The reverse sensors shows even the direction of obstacle and detects even the corners of the bumper. Cruise control is working fine. Automatic headlights are also added convinience.

All in all Scorpio is very refined vehicle and will go down perfectly in countires like US where the norms are really strict and the requirements of comfort and quality very stiff. In that respect Scorpio rightly deserves to be sold in these markets.

The only issue that i came across till now was a slight vibration in the gear lever in tbe third gear. It can be repaired I guess.

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Mahindra Scorpio LX

Rs. 828,052.00* 

Mahindra Scorpio SLE

Rs. 955,003.00* 

Mahindra Scorpio VLX

Rs. 1,064,320.00* 

Mahindra Scorpio VLX Automatic

Rs. 1,141,284.00* 

Mahindra Scorpio Getaway

Rs. 802,500.00* 

Mahindra Scorpio EX BS III

Rs. 772,316.00* 

Mahindra Scorpio EX BS IV

Rs. 779,105.00* 

Mahindra: Car Dealers
Bhasin Motors

28, Raja Garden

New Delhi, Delhi
G3 Motors

Plot No. D-238 A, TTC Ind. Area, MIDC, Shirvane Village, Mumbai Pune Road

Mumbai, Maharashtra
Silver Jubilee Motors

12, Moledina Road, Camp

Pune, Maharashtra




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